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  This site contains information regarding my console translation and enhancement projects. I currently have only two projects, however, if my ROM editing and Japanese skills continue to improve, I will eventually take on other games. Heck, I may even come up with a spiffy Translation Group-ish title. "Current Projects" doesn't really pack much of a punch, does it?


I am working on a translation of RPG Maker: Super Dante, a Super Famicom game that allows you to create your own turn-based RPGs. KanjiHack was working on a translation up until about a year ago, but they discontinued it (probably because of the game's compatibility problems).

I also started a Final Fantasy 2US enhancement, but I haven't worked on it in several months. Only a small portion of the script has been rewritten so far, but most of the other planned changes are complete.


I will not post ROMs on this site, nor will I provide direct links to them. The ROMs for my projects (all two of them) can be found at RPG Haven, among other places.

Anyone who asks me to send them ROMs, or provide them with ROM site addresses, will most likely be met with an angry, insulting reply, and a spot in the Hall of Shame should I ever decide to create one.


New patches will be posted just as soon as I finish them. Please don't e-mail me asking when Patch X for Game Y will be released, because I don't know. It's done when it's done, and that's that.


E-mail can be sent to


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